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Collaborate and Innovate to turn your ideas into £££

Take your ideas and turn them into £££. Because that’s what we’re all striving for, right? Consistent profit. Scalability. Sustainability.  Collaborative innovation is where it’s… Read More

Product flops and how to avoid them

It’s 1996.  Pepsi wants to sell more pop in Europe.  Their cans are the same colour as Coca-Cola’s – red. But… Coca-Cola is dominating market… Read More

Are you inclusive if you’re not ethical?

Inclusivity refers to the practice of including and valuing individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Ethics refers to a set of moral principles… Read More

The Death of Ideas (Part 3)

Cognitive biases are killing innovation – what can we do about them?   In Part 1 and… Read More

The Death of Ideas (Part 2)

Are cognitive biases killing innovation? What do water coolers, waterproof laptops and the ‘big idea’ have in common? Biases! Ideas born from the likes… Read More

The Death of Ideas (Part 1)

Are cognitive biases killing innovation? FADE IN. It’s late in the evening, and you’re sitting around the dinner table… the wine is still flowing… Read More

Polish roots boost engagement for Crewe consultation

Emotionally, the majority of people I spoke to were disappointed about the outcome. In reality, Brexit seems to have made a lot of people from… Read More

5 ways to nurture workplace innovation

We all know creativity and innovative thinking is key when it comes to generating new services and product offerings… The difficulty is getting your… Read More

Authenticity in social innovation – encouraging stakeholder engagement

Before we dive into the stakeholder best practices according to Nesta and Groundswell Innovation… Let’s just make sure we’re on the same page about… Read More

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