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What We Do

Cash in the bank through innovation

Sustainable product innovation

‘Launching’ a new product into market is one thing. Keeping it there is another. What’s one of the primary reasons new products fail? According to Harvard Business School, it’s people ‘building a product or service that no-one wants’.

If we don’t know what benefit we’re delivering for which target customer groups, we don’t have a product that is financially, socially or ecologically sustainable. Using Human Centered Design, we work with clients to develop Value Propositions that are anchored in real understanding of customer need and mindful of multiple bottom lines.

We help clients articulate relevant product benefits, so that competitive differentiation is crystal clear.  That means people know exactly what they’re buying and why they want it relative to other brands.


Service improvement

Place-based innovation

National Cyber Day event

Challenge – What’s halting wider engagement with Cyber?

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Lily pads on a pond with fish

Challenge: What stands in the way of growth funding for companies working on inclusive innovation?

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A group of students in a classroom having done some research with our team - all smiling and happy!

Challenge: How do you make university an accessible place for all? If you want a different outcome, do things differently.

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Morning panorama of Buttermere lake in the Lake District.

Challenge: How do you make sure product users, procurement and the CEO see the benefit of your point of difference?

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Woman working on smart phone and laptop computer at coffee shop interior

Challenge: how to move from a free to a premium business model

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Crewe Town Hall

Challenge: Keeping it real for a £20 million backing

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Preston from above showing the skyline

Challenge: Preston Partnership – Place-led value proposition development and narrative.

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Close-up of a unrecognisable person using credit card to pay at grocery store.

Challenge: how to change the behaviour of customers when it comes to financial decisions

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people sitting using computers and phones with only their legs visable

Challenge: How do you change student perceptions and experience?

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Barista pouring milk into a cup of coffee

How do you find ‘white space’ in an overcrowded market?

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Black and white moo cow and a blue sky

Challenge: How does a small business launch a brand-new product on a national scale?

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Close up of bottle production factory

‘Go to market’ and beyond – understanding the bigger picture

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picture of a bicycle in the netherlands

Challenge: How can you sell a product people don’t want, in a market outside your home country?

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