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Disrupting fashion in the name of sustainability…

Disrupting fashion in the name of sustainability…

‘Depop is the community-powered fashion ecosystem that’s kinder on the planet and kinder to people.’ 

Simon Beckerman and Maria Raga are the chief executives of Depop, founded by Beckerman himself in 2011.

The company was created originally with the intention of giving the readers of Beckerman’s PIG magazine an opportunity to buy items from the young creatives featured. However, he quickly realised the app required a selling function. This idea was reinvented as a marketplace which enabled its predominantly Gen Z users to build a new progressive and diverse space for fashion

Depop or Ebay? Depends on what you care about most.

Whilst sustainability always has been, and will always be of great importance, its ‘popularity’ is thriving at the moment.

Depop has enabled an eco-friendly younger generation to have access to contemporary, yet cheap fashion in a more sustainable way. It also provides a safe space for people to show their authentic selves and feel good about the style choices they make. 

The company has developed into a great example of modern disruptive innovation in the fashion industry, their aim being to mirror the disruption of Spotify in the music industry and Airbnb with travel accommodation.  

Depop is for the entrepreneurial, the cost savvy and the environmentally conscious.

It’s ‘the eBay of our generation’ with ‘the right interface and language’.

With eBay – to buy an item you have to email the seller and wait for them to respond before being able to purchase the item. Instead, Depop was developed with the integration and combination of social networks, geolocation and smart notifications, allowing the purchasing process to be much more instantaneous. 

Depop is not just somewhere to buy clothes on the cheap. Depop is Instagram and eBay. 

Depop is a place to grow a business and a side hustle, somewhere for you now and what you may become. 

This app is something we’ve never seen before in the fashion industry and yet it feels completely familiar to a Gen Z follower. 

If you want to know how to speak this emerging consumer language fluently, ask us how we can connect you with a global community of conscious consumers. 

: sourced via Groundswell’s transcription from the Innovation Places Summit.

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