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Challenge – What’s halting wider engagement with Cyber?

Challenge – What’s halting wider engagement with Cyber?

Like any good project relating to Cyber, we could tell you what we did, but we’d probably have to get you to sign the Official Secrets Act first!  

We were at the Lancashire Cyber Festival this week (pictured) and suffice to say, it’s all to play for in this sector.  A smart few have cottoned on to the fact that Cyber represents an amazing opportunity in terms of building a career and growing your business without fear of online attack.   

Like any good innovation adoption curve, early adopters can see the immediate benefits of high rates of pay, really interesting work, and an exciting long-term career path.   

Many more are left bewildered.  The resulting lack of awareness of what Cyber is all about means it’s hard for people to picture themselves in a specific job role or build a sense of whether they belong in this space.  

The early and late majority will need to be made aware of how Cyber will mesh with their lives and make it better.   

We carried out research with diverse groups of people to understand more about Cyber’s place in the world of work, and how to make it more inclusive. The work we put together will help to build a set of tools to bridge the knowledge gap that many people have.   

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