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Challenge: How do you make sure product users, procurement and the CEO see the benefit of your point of difference?

Challenge: How do you make sure product users, procurement and the CEO see the benefit of your point of difference?

Our challenge for a manufacturing business in 2022 was clear: help them take their new range of sustainable waste management solutions to market while also bringing about a sustained and substantial positive impact for the planet. 

We worked with them to describe and embed a Vision, Mission and Values and define a range of Value Propositions and resulting key communication messages that demonstrated the value of their products.  

We needed to take the company’s employees on the journey – from the sales team to the scientists – to ensure that everyone was pulling in the same direction and working towards the same goals.

And – critically – what we developed had to have impact, not just for those using the products, but also the procurement teams, and the CEOs in their target companies. Decision makers have many guises, which had to be reflected in our approach.

Our first step was to undertake a series of stakeholder interviews, with people across the organisation – within the Board but also the management, R&D and sales delivery teams.  

Conscious of the need to demonstrate ‘quick wins’ from the process, we adapted our approach. Instead of tackling the Company Vision exercise first as we normally would, we took the joint decision to begin with practical output – generating materials the team could immediately use in sales conversations. We began by focusing on developing Value Propositions and key messages for products that they were keen to sell immediately, but where sales conversations were failing to convert.  

Value Propositions and key messages are being deployed in sales conversations with priority sector clients, and the marketing campaigns we devised during the process are being deployed as part of our client’s annual communications plan.  They are in talks with high-profile clients such as Hawksmoor, global retailers, facilities management companies, and more. Work continues, to ensure the team generate the results and success their products deserve.  

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