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Challenge: how to move from a free to a premium business model

Challenge: how to move from a free to a premium business model

You’ve built a successful app, your customers like it, you’ve got engagement but the catch … it’s free, and you need to make some money. So, you simply move from a free to a premium model, right?

Over the course of December ’22 and January 2023, we worked with three companies currently being supported by the venture capital firm, Jenson Funding to help them do just that.

Over a series of workshops company founders worked through the process of identifying the market opportunity for a premium version of their free software model.

This involved examining the psychology of pricing but also looking beyond user data patterns to fully understand what potential paying customers really needed from their products. We introduced them to the concept of Human Centred Design in a way which they could grasp and progress with themselves, at speed.

Sarah Barber, CEO of Jenson Funding said of the process:

“A massive thank you for the work with the portfolio of companies on Freemium to Premium. I could really see how they had developed their thinking over the course.”

Charlie Pothecary of Becon, the personal safety app reflected this, saying:

“It was unbelievably useful, eye-opening and is a kick-starter for us moving forwards.”

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