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How We Innovate

Innovation runs smoother on ICE. Impactful, inclusive innovation takes Intelligence, Creativity and Empathy.


Intelligence Quotient – the measure of a person’s reasoning ability.
In this context, we’re talking about the facts, figures, and formats for innovation management. This is the bit where you put together an innovation process that is right for your organisation.

It doesn’t matter if that is a Suggestion Box at the front desk or a full-on Stage-Gate process with a bit of Agile thinking thrown in. The point is, that it works effectively for you and the team.

Managed correctly, your innovation process will draw together the evidence your business needs, to know which projects to push ahead with and which you need to keep in the freezer. This is the ‘sausage machine’ production line that will streamline the development of new products and services.

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Creativity Quotient – the quality of your ideas, rather than the quantity.
Having the ‘sausage machine’ innovation process set up right is essential. But if bad ideas go in the front of that machine, then sure as eggs are eggs, unoriginal products will churn out towards your customers.

When everyone is focused on business as usual, it can feel really difficult to break out of the norm and magic up new ideas. Where does inspiration come from – a customer, another industry, an academic theory? That’s where the breadth of our specialist knowledge comes in. Working with a range of different lenses helps us show you things you might have missed, so you can lead the market instead of defaulting to copycat innovation.

Conversely, if your team are coming up with 100 new ideas a minute, you might benefit from a creativity filter to provide focus without squashing enthusiasm.

Handled with care, creativity is your sector superpower.

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Empathy Quotient – empathy and the ability to bring people with you.
The best ideas in the world will be rejected, if they were ‘not invented here’. People need to be shown the logic and taken on the development journey with you, to avoid this happening. Whether that is the Board, the production team or your frontline staff, key stakeholders should be kept informed if you want them to share your excitement and believe in your new ideas.

Innovation is a mindset, not a department.

If you have R&D sat in a different building, how often do they have a chat with the production teams or sit next to someone from Marketing? Don’t just deliver reports to SENIOR decision-makers, make sure all relevant stakeholders can input their issues and ideas.

If you really want to use the word ‘innovative’ as one of your company values, you need to embed the capacity to innovate across your organisation and its culture.

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